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Bug#622747: espeak: german voice bug

Package: espeak
Version: 1.45.03-1

----- Forwarded message from Sebastian Humenda <shumenda@gmx.de> -----

From: Sebastian Humenda <shumenda@gmx.de>
To: debian-accessibility@lists.debian.org
Subject: Bug in Testing / Unstable
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 20:53:21 +0200


a few days after the Debian package for eSpeak came into unstable, I
discovered a quite important problem which was fixed in eSpeak
1.45.04. Every occurrence of "sage" is spoken as "spionage" (in the
German voice) which is not acceptable. There were already German users who complained about that.
Is there a possibility to get a new package? If this means having too
much work, a new package before the wheezy release would be fine as


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