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a11y: some issues in squeeze

I want to report some issues on my squeeze installation.

1. The squeeze version of speech-dispatcher is really not usable.
I wasn't able to get it talking in console and gnome.
autospawn worked only for one user at the same time.
Running it as systemservice had other problems etc.
I have now upgrade my speechd and installed the packages from
debian-experimental, which runs much better as the !stable package.
2. Orca hangs when gnome presents the keyring windows to ask for the
It comes up automaticaly because I have entered my wlan key in
networkmanager and after login my machine tries to connect to it.
When I enter the keyringpass and press enter and restart orca, it works.
I am not sure if the keyring window will always have the focus.

I don't expect any help for the first issue but it would be great if you
can help with the second one.
Best Regards

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