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Re: RFS: daisy-player (next try, new upstream version)

Thanks for testing the package.

> I've got another problem. When trying to run daisy-player after
> installation on Debian/testing, I get:
> (C)2003-2011 J. Lemmens
> Daisy-player - Version 6.1.1
> A parser to play Daisy CD's with Linux
> play FAIL formats: no handler for file extension `mp3'
> This happens due to the fact that I installed sox=14.3.1-1 from
> Debian/unstable, but the required libsox-fmt-mp3 is not present by
> default. This should probably be taken into account in the
> Dependency-List of daisy-player, i.e. installing either libsox-fmt-mp3
> fixes the problem.

Interestingly, I can play daisy CD's without libsox-fmt-mp3. Do you
really only need that library to be able to play? Or could it be one of
the other dependencies of sox? On my system I have libsox-fmt-alsa, but
maybe you have one of the other options?

Concerning the floating-point problem, upstream has fix the problem in a
new release (he provides me faster with new releases than I can handle
;) ). I will update hopefully this weekend.


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