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Re: Installing Debian from Usb-stick with brltty-suport

Am 23.12.2010 09:18, schrieb Samuel Thibault:
Viktor Kratz, le Thu 23 Dec 2010 03:02:06 +0100, a écrit :
Ok, i tested the squeeze-hd-media-usb-stick image. The result isi the same,
booting with the usb-stick causes the screen not in text mode-error.
Which cd image did you try exactly? (URL?)
I tried the image when klicking on
• other images (netboot, USB stick, etc)
on the original Debian-installer-page. After that i downloaded the boot.img.gz in hd-media.
Should i use the kernel and initr.file and build the stick manually?
Just for testing, could you try the usb stick image several times
without any option, just to see whether it seems to be always having an
issue, or just from times to times?
Hm, try the boot of the stick and the installer? or the image-writing on the stick. If you meant the boot and installation i tried it allready several time, everytime speakup fixes and all other without option (simply pressing enter) causes text not in screen mode.

  I tested
only to try g and tab, after that typing speakup.synth=dummy and was surprised,
the brailledisplay now shows the normal installation like the thing when
booting from cd and pressing enter. For test purposes i booted the stick
without iso-image on it, the same, normal installation and gui without speakup
are producing the screen not in text mode,
(Note that the fact that typing speakup fixes things is not really
surprising: the problem at stake here is whether USB braille
autodetection manages to disable the framebuffer. Also, an alternative
would be to append brltty at the boot prompt, to make sure brltty is
started before the framebuffer has a chance to start).

So the error should be in the initram disk or the Kernel of the
The kernel is the same for all images, and the USB stick image I'm
testing does work, that's why I ask you to tell me exactly which URL you
downloaded the USB stick image from, to make sure we are testing the
same thing.


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