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Bug#599197: gnome-orca: Bad display of orca's preferences menu

Le jeudi 18 novembre 2010 à 14:07 +0100, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL a écrit :
> As simple user I don't agree. Indeed, firstly with utf8 systems it is
> hard to communicate with Windows world, and it's however necessary in
> daily life. Moreover, for users which come from Windows, it would mean
> accents problems ... and it's impossible to convert thousands of old
> files into utf8 (names and/or contents): dangerous and long. So I think
> it's necessary to maintain iso, which works fine until now, even if
> sometimes workarounds (orca) and adaptations (OOo) are necessary.

The problem doesn’t come from Windows, which is a full-Unicode operating
system. It comes from software with no character set support, for
example various zip implementations.

We cannot encourage users to setup a crippled system for such improper

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