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Re: [Accessibilite] Re: Bug#596511: ITP: simon -- Open source speech recognition

 Am 2010-09-12 14:45, schrieb Samuel Thibault:

 Peter Grasch, le Sun 12 Sep 2010 14:33:14 +0200, a écrit :
 on the other hand I don't want to commit a half-baked package to
 something as official looking as git.debian.org - or is this not an issue?
 A repository is there to put stuff while improving it :)
Yes but every mistake will be preserved forever :P
 The plus side is that we'll more easily review it and fix trivial
 things directly.
Ok, I'll upload it today.

 If I understood it correctly I can develop my package on the debian git
 and just dput it to the Ubuntu ppa (probably changing the target
 distribution temporarily)? Is this the recommended workflow?
 I tend to think that it'd be a good workflow.



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