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"speakup" virtual package?

	Hello all,

	There any chance a "speakup" virtual package can be made, so you 
can just type "apt-get install speakup" once Debian is installed?  As it 
stands now, sighted assistance is required to get speakup installed, 
once the installation has completed, the way the speakup-modules-* 
packages are named to match up with whatever kernel you have installed.  
These names cannot be "seen" when you're blind.  On completion of the 
amd64 Squeeze install, an apt-cache search revealed no speakup modules 
at all, so tried the apt-get update+upgrade to see if they'd show up 
then, but again, it required sighted assistance to read the screen 
output.  I think a speakup virtual package would solve the problem, 
match up the speakup module with the currently installed kernel, and 
everything would then be hunky-dorey.  Whadda ya say?


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