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Speakup dkms package.

Hi all
I have recently created a dkms variant of the speakup-source package, which I intend to put into Ubuntu maverick. For those who are unaware, dkms is a system designed to automatically build external kernel modules at package install time. For more info, install dkms and read the manpage.

I am writing to see whether having such a package would be worthwhile in Debian. Debian does have dkms, and many kernel module packages use it for module build/install in Debian, so all the necessary bits are present in Debian now. The biggest advantage for users, is that they can install the package, and have kernel modules ready to go once the install process has completed. Dkms also builds the modules for any newer kernel that is installed, as long as the kernel header packages are also installed.

The patch to the speakup package is trivial, and requires minimal maintenance. I'll send a patch against speakup git through in another mail. The only question is what the binary package should be called. I see the speakup namespace is not taken, so perhaps that is appropriate. Alternatively, the existing Debian convention can be followed, which is suffixing the package name with -dkms or -source. The only questino with that convention is whether users will likely be able to find the package should they be interested in using it.

Thoughts welcome.


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