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Re: My screen is unreadable because full of messages from brltty

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le Sun 06 Jun 2010 18:15:18 +0200, a écrit :
> > > So far my logs were full of messages such as:
> > > brltty[1618]: input byte missing at offset 2 brltty[1618]: input byte
> > > missing at offset 1 brltty[1618]: input byte missing at offset 1 
> > 
> > This looks like a driver issue. You can reduce the level of log details
> > by adding
> > 
> > log-level error
> I tried. Same problem

That's odd:

./Programs/io_misc.c:        LogPrint(LOG_WARNING, "input byte missing at offset %d", (int)*   offset);

so setting the error level to error should be enough to get it not
printed. Again, posting on brltty@mielke.cc will probably have more
useful answers.

> > in your brltty.conf. Did you try the 4.2 release?
> > 
> > > I precise that this bug only appears on a 32bits system, on amd64 only
> > > messages appear in log (it's a problem, but less critical).
> > 
> > I believe it's just a matter of differing syslog configuration.
> Ok you give a very important answer: indeed, on 32bits, as on amd64, I changed 
> sysklogd to rsyslog. It's probably the reason.

Very probably.

> But 2 questions so: how can I configure rsyslog not to display these
> messages (or at least on stdout);

I have no idea, did you check its documentation?

> I tried 4.2, same problem. It's due mainly to rsyslog so.

Well, yes and no: the actual bug is that brltty expects more data from
the device. That's where brltty@mielke.cc or Olivier really should get
in the loop to fix that. The fact that rsyslog writes it out is an
independant matter.


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