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Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:

> Do we target atspi2 integration?

That is a very good question I've been asking myself as well.
I guess it ultimately depends on what upstream (GNOME) plans are to
migrate to at-spi2.  In any case, there is work to do on at-spi2
before it can fully replace at-spi, so if someone is interested in
seeing at-spi2 in Squeeze, I guess what you can do is help upstream
*now* by installing the preliminary packages and fixing bugs / testing.
For instance, I can't get iceweasel nor epiphany-webkit to export any
document content via at-spi2 right now.

If we are still targeting december 2009, I am pretty sure there is no way
at-spi2 will be ready enough for us to include it in squeeze though.

BTW, we need someone working on the Qt side of at-spi2.
I.e., packaging qspiaccessiblebridge and possibly getting necessary
patches applied to Debian packaging of Qt.

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