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Re: lenny, yasr, and speech-dispatcher

Don Raikes <DON.RAIKES@oracle.com> (15/04/2009):
> Hi all,

Hi Don,

> I saw this kind of configuration working on a ubuntu derrivative
> called Vinux, but am trying to build my own livecd from a lenny
> installation.

maybe you have links that explain such a setup? I don't know anything in
this field, but I might find some time to have a look.

> When I install yasr it is installing 0.6.5-1.1 which does not have the
> speech-dispatcher code added to it. The version that works is 0.6.8 or
> later.
> Is there somewhere I can get this later version of the package?

From a quick look, there's no such package yet: even unstable still has
0.6.5-1.1; I could try and update the package but since I've no
experience with those programs, I'd need to rely on your feedback.

Some errors show up when I try to build it, I'll try and have a look.


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