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Re: lilo about to be dropped?


A thread started on debian-boot about a possible removal of lilo,
starting with:

Quoting William Pitcock (nenolod@dereferenced.org):
> lilo is due for removal anyway due to being unmaintained upstream and
> the widespread availability of alternatives.
> I do not have time to manage the removal at this point, but it will be
> gone by June.

The thread continued on various technical issues, raid, config files,

Let's talk about accessibility: as lilo is mostly unmaintained upstream,
it would be good to check that the alternatives meet accessibility needs
as much as lilo does.  I know at least one feature that people like:
lilo beeping when the menu appears.  Debian applied my patch to do the
same in grub.  I have submitted Bug#487044 to add an example in the
configuration file, still not applied unfortunately.  Are there other
issues accessibility-wise?


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