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Re: TR: tasksel + gdm and accessibility issues for the d-i


On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 02:09:13PM +0100, Odd Martin Baanrud wrote:
> Hello Aldo,
> I like your suggestion!
> As it is now, I guess we need to install Orca after the inisial install?
> If we could get a "Desktop accessibility" entry into Tasksel, all the 
> needs for blind persons are in place.

Well, notice that I'm agree with Mario when he explains that you can't match
the needs for all desired situations.

Beginning with providing an Assistive TEch button in tasksel (Orca in fact)
should be a good begin; but after that it would be nice to implement it so
that tasksel knows more precisely what the need is.
Also there are not 120000 possible combinations regarding accessibility
and/or assistive tech.
> And, as you say, we already have the ability to install the intire 
> system by using a braille display, so why should we need to do some 
> extra work after the first boot to get full use of it?

Well I see it in another way: sighted persons doesn't need more work to have
Gnome installed, they just mark it in tasksel, and that's it;
for specifi users therr are server-items in tasksel so that responds to some
specific needs.

Its logical then taht Accessibility (or begin with Asssitive Technology /
Orca) should be provided as a specifi need for a specifi user-type.

That's it.


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