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Re: wishlist: tamtam at login is blindfriendlier than silence ...

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 05:52:40PM +0100, Mario Lang wrote:
> Aldo <info@brlspeak.net> writes:
> > - all older Debian distros do have a login bongo/conga/tamtam/whatever; now
> >   it seems to have been replaced by nothing, and nothing = silence, and
> >   silence = unfriendly for us it at that moment you hadn't Orca
> >   active/installed
> I am not quite sure what you are talking about.  Are you refering
> to a sound signal played when GDM is ready to take your user/password info,


> or are you looking for a sound to be played after login is complete?

Well I'll be happy with a signal at gdm time, but in the past there was a
synthesizersound as tune once it was completely started;
so I don't understand why all these were suppressed.

> On my sid box, I always had a PC speaker based beep when GDM prompts
> me for a password.  This hasn't gone away as far as I can tell.

No beep on my laptop at that moment, so no signal heared.

> Maybe your new installation has the PC speaker not working?
How can I check that? the beeeep at grub prompt is OK, idem the blips when
brltty starts is OK,
after taht its silent.

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