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wishlist: tamtam at login is blindfriendlier than silence ...


while the installer of Debian Lenny is the best I ever tried since I use
Deb, I miss something that I'd like to see implemented:

- all older Debian distros do have a login bongo/conga/tamtam/whatever; now
  it seems to have been replaced by nothing, and nothing = silence, and
  silence = unfriendly for us it at that moment you hadn't Orca
- IMHO, its more coherent that, if there is already accessibility à la
  Debian, I mean from the beginning of the startup process, why not making
  it complete by providing again a percussion signal or so at the login
  moment ?
- I don't know if this concerns gdm itself or is something earlier; anyway
  it would be much blindfriendly and more logical to provide a little thing:
  in the past there was no Orca but there was an intro sound, now there is
  accessibility including acces to the graphical environment but no signal
  to tell it that it's waiting for your login and pass ...

Just my fifty cents!
Feel free to resubmit it to the apropriate working group/person/list.


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