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Bug#516091: Bus specifiers are mistakenly interpreted as relative paths

Package: brltty
Version: 3.10~r3724-1+b1
Severity: important

Aldo <info@brlspeak.net> writes:

> after having succesfully installed Debian 5.0 Lenny on my Asus laptop, I
> discovered after rebooting that my braille display wasn't started, while it
> had worked during installation.
> Then I opened a console, became root and typed:
> killall brltty (to be sure nothing was running ... and I was right,
> something but wrongly configured was running ...)
> then brltty -b al -d USB: -t de
> and ..... that was running perfectly as wanted!
> I edited /etc/brltty.conf because I noticed the /dev/ on the
> braille-device line before USB:

I can confirm this bug.  Its root cause is the following stupid piece of shell code:

                        test "`expr "${brailleDevice}" : "/"`" -eq 0 && \
                        test "`expr "${brailleDevice}" : "/dev/tts/"`" -eq 9 && \
                            brailleDevice="/dev/ttyS`expr substr ${brailleDevice} 10 2`"

The check for a leading slash should have checked if the string contains
any colons first.

This should get fixed ASAP.

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