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Re: Bug#514009: Release notes: section about Braille displays in installing.dbk/installing.po

On 2009-02-08 22:57, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> For them, no, but for the people around that would help them to get
> their first speakup-assisted installation running, it is.  If they
> have configuration issues (e.g. serial port number), they could think
> that the reason is because they do not manage to start the graphical
> installer.

If this paragraph is not OK, please tell me ASAP:

    Support for hardware speech synthesis is only available in the
    textual version of the installer. For size reasons, however, it
    is enabled along with support for the graphical installer, which
    needs more space anyway. You thus need to select the
    <computeroutput>Graphical install</computeroutput> entry in the
    boot menu.

This is in the R-N.

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