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Re: Bug#514009: Release notes: section about Braille displays in installing.dbk/installing.po

Quoting Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org>:
> Christian Perrier, le Wed 04 Feb 2009 06:56:56 +0100, a écrit :
> > After yesterday's rush to restore material related to Braille displays
> > in installing.dbk of the release notes (see bug #514009),
> Uh...  I didn't know there was such documentation there.  I had
> actually called for volunteers to add such documentation to the debian
> installation guide, got no answer for some time, so eventually wrote
> some (see bug #509371), but did it too late for the release so it didn't
> get applied.  As a result, if we remove the braille material from the
> release notes, it will be nowhere, that's a bit sad.
> > Eventually, a section about voice synthesis devices could be added,
> > but I don't have written material for this.
> You can probably just pick up the text from my patch.

While the focus of release notes is the description of differences
between a new release compared to the last one, I am absolutely
fine with the idea that they also describe general features,
properties, and issues. So, after all: I am absolutely fine with
the idea of having the braille section in the lenny release notes,
even if it's not a new feature of lenny. Given, that Christian
already wrote the text and we already have some translations,
it wouldn't be too much trouble, right?

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