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Release notes: section about Braille displays in installing.dbk/installing.po

(CC debian-accessibility)

After yesterday's rush to restore material related to Braille displays
in installing.dbk of the release notes (see bug #514009), I took more time (and lost
some sleep) in looking at that issue in more details.

Finally, I think I was *right* by removing the section about Braille
displays. This is not a new feature in Lenny. That was really a new
feature in Etch.

Was is new in Lenny's installer is the support for some *voice
synthesis devices*, which are aimed to be used also by
visually-impaired users....this is what added the confusion.

As a consequence, I think that, finally, the part I re-added about
Braille displays should indeed be removed again.

And, of course, the translations should be resynced again.

Eventually, a section about voice synthesis devices could be added,
but I don't have written material for this.

Please note that I won't have time for this in the upcoming 2 days.


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