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Re: Bug#505564: Please document the braille support

Hi Franz,

I am blind myself and I suggested the paragraph "Install debian with a Braille display" in Bug #500441. It has been taken into the release notes. As I have actually little to do with the speakup support and the "dark" themes, I am rather reluctant towards writing a patch for this. I want to be sure that the documented issues will work out as described. But if I cannot test it myself, it would be a little awkward.

The Braille paragraph in the release notes is okay, I think. Why can’t it be taken into the installation guide as well? Maybe the accessibility team can add to the other points. The other functions must have been tested by the members.


Am 13.11.2008 17:04, Frans Pop schrieb:
On Thursday 13 November 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
 Please find people familiar enough with the support, the hardware and
 required setup to provide patches, or at least a proposed text.
 Such things have to come from the community, not the D-I developers.

Patches should preferably cover both braille and speakup support, and also
the special "dark" themes we have.

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