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Re: Information about synthetizers

Hi Sauro

On Wed, Sep 24, Sauro Cesaretti wrote:
> Could you advice me some ways to use linux
> console only with voice please?
> I heard about speakup but I don't know
> exactly what is the scope of that and if it's
> the right solution for this problem.

I have been using speakup as my screen reader for 9 years now.  I personally think it's the best thing for console access because it is so fast.  If your friend has a supported hardware synth or wants to use espeak or ibmtts you can set him/her up with speakup-connector.  I prefer speakup-connector over speech-dispatcher again because of speed.  When I say speed in this case I mean latency.  Nothing drives me more crazy then hitting a key to shut up a synth and not have it happen instantly.

> One more thing,I heard about this 'festival voice, that it is good  
> synthetized voice and easy to understand, How can I use it?
> Is it possible to substitute this one instead of espeak with orca screen  
> reader?

If you install all the necessary components for festival and you are using gnome-speech you should be able to select festival from the synth choices in the orca config.

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