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Information about synthetizers

Hello everyone,

I'd like to ask some information about linux

and synthetizer systems.
I'm using linux since some years ago but I

always worked with a braille display under

console with the famous brltty daemon.
Now a friend of mine that doesn't use a

braille display works with windows

OS using jaws but has to do some tests

with linux but he doesn't have any braille

Could you advice me some ways to use linux

console only with voice please?
I heard about speakup but I don't know

exactly what is the scope of that and if it's

the right solution for this problem.

One more thing,I heard about this 'festival voice, that it is good synthetized voice and easy to understand, How can I use it? Is it possible to substitute this one instead of espeak with orca screen reader?

thanks in advance for all the answers
regards, Sauro

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