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Re: speakup enabled d-i?

On Wednesday 10 September 2008, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> The script part is integrated, what is left is just to add the kernel
> modules to the initrd, the question was "which archs and which
> targets?" For instance, the patch below adds it to x86 cdrom, hd-media
> and netboot targets.

I am opposed to the patch proposed by Samuel.
Reason is that Lenny images are already seriously bigger than Etch images 
and IMO we really do not want any more size increase if we want to keep 
lowmem installs working.

$ du mini.*
5856    mini.etch
7992    mini.daily

That's the mini.iso for i386. Somehow we have grown by 2MB, over 35%!
We really should do an analysis of exactly where this increase comes from.

I would suggest to only add speakup to the graphical installer images. 
Those are big already and already have a higher memory requirement. An 
extra increase there is a lot less harmful than for the "regular" images.

I would also seriously suggest to limit speakup to x86 and possibly 
powerpc (if someone will test it!). I really do not think there will be 
much use for it on other arches, at least not enough to justify the size 


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