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qemu with braille and curses


Just to advertise that the current testing version of qemu (actually,
starting from 0.9.1-4) has an ncurses interface as well as virtual
braille support.  That means you can

dd < /dev/zero > img bs=1M count=1 seek=2000
qemu -cdrom debian-install.iso -hda img -curses -k fr

That will boot the debian installer CD-ROM (press Enter when it says
"Graphic mode", because it is just the isolinux graphical prompt), and
you'll get to the debian installer on a VT console.

Note the -k fr which is necessary if your keyboard is a french one, see
/usr/share/qemu/keymaps for the others.

About the braille support, you can run

qemu -cdrom debian-install.iso -hda img -curses -k fr -usbdevice braille

which will emulate a braille device and show the result on your real
braille device via brlapi/brltty. That permits e.g. to test the
braillified debian installer without having to boot it for real.

Note to sighted people: you can use the latter by running

brltty -b xw -A auth=user

which will display a fake braille device on your X server.


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