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gnome-orca 2.23 branch in experimental


As with the last GNOME development branch (2.21), we are again tracking
Orca development releases in experimental.  If you want to try
out the latest orca 2.23 release (its at 2.23.1 right now) you
can add experimental to your sources.list and do something like
 # apt-get install gnome-orca/experimental
Of course, experimental is what its name suggests: You should only
do this if you know what you are doing, and you should probably
not do it on an productive system.  experimental packages are expected
to break things at times, and as we know, our screen reader is one of the
most important things on our systems :-)

Below is a list of changes (according to orca-2.23.1/NEWS) that
are not in the 2.22 branch, i.e. those that are specific to the development
branch of Orca (2.23).


* Fix for bug #518914 - table column number missing in whereAmI info

* Fix for bug #520611 - New mouse review feature

* Fix for bug #520974 - Some script names are not marked for

* Fix for bug #522657 - this may take a while should be removed from
  the orca prefs

* Fix for bug #523309 - "return" and "backspace" keynames is not
  marked for translations

* Fix for bug #523268 - refactor braille support of text attributes

* Fix for bug #525348 - Orca uses wget. (It now uses DBus)

* Fix for bug #525592 - Provide 'diff' like output for regression test

* Fix for bug #525649 - Don't bomb when no DISPLAY is set


* Fix for bug #519936 - In Evolution Orca does not read the messages
  list properly when in "read table row" mode

* Fix for bug #512103 - Orca speaks too much of the context in FF3

* Fix for bug #519587 - Navigating nested lists with Collection not
  functioning properly

* Fix for bug #520612 - Add cursor key routing support to Gecko

* Fix for bug #526366 - Remove the unused line navigation code from

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