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Re: Problems with Orca text setup (was Re: gnome-orca .2.22 about to enter unstable)

Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> writes:

> To describe the problem briefly, if I remove my ~/.orca directory to start
> the configuration process from the beginning, run startx and then from a
> separate virtual console run
> DISPLAY=:0 orca -t

This does not make sense at all!  Why would you fake a X11 display
if you are trying to use the "text setup"?
I never had to fake a X11 display to be able to use orca -t.

> which I am told is supposed to work, I get a lengthy Python backtrace from
> gnome-speech.

I've had various problems around gnome-speech and the initial
text setup as well.
AIUI, this is more related to the way GNOME-Speech and ORBit
are implemented, than to any Debian specifics, but I might be wrong.

> Running it with orca --disable=speech doesn't work either.

Yes, I investigated this once, and I clearly remember
that I identified this as a orca bug.  There are some assumptions
in the code that do unconditionally initialize speech output, even if you
select --disable-speech.

> However, under X I can type alt-F2 orca --disable=speech <cr> and
> get into the Orca preferences with the braille display.

I think this might be related to the fact that "orca -t" is really
just a hack.  Look at the code.

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