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Re: Orca on Debian

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007, Odd Martin Baanrud wrote:
 > Hello Jason,
 > At 05:50 14.12.2007, you wrote:
 > >Did you run orca --setup from the shell (with BRLTTY running, of course)? If
 > >not, try that.
 > I have tried that now, and still nothing happends.
okay so:
- brltty is installed and brlapi in brltty is enabled (as I compile it 
myself I'm not sure about the debian package)
- /etc/brlapi.key exists, is not mepty and user readable
- orca-setup is set to braille support on (braille-monitor is something 
else so you don't need that)

note: in ngome 2.20 which I am running I sometimes have an extra dialog 
which popsup before the desktop itself is loaded.
I ahve the foggiest idea what it is about, only that I ahve to nose-touch 
the screen to follow my mousepointer to get it away :)

If you have no sight at all, ask soemone about it.

In generla the above spes should work but as Jason suggest, do upgrade to 
at least gnome 2.20 orca 2.20 or maybe even 2.21 (not sure it that'll 
work) and brltty 3.9

 > Martin 

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student computer science        www: http://www.nl.linux.org/~andor
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