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Re: Orca on Debian

Odd Martin Baanrud <martin@priv.la5ska.net> writes:


> So, I have some questions:
> Is it possible to enable orca on the first boot after install??

I am afrsaid you have to manually install orca by running
"apt-get install gnome-orca" after your first boot.

> Since I need to use BRLTTY durring the installation, how will that effect Orca?

Orca needs BRLTTY to do braille output anyway, so to answer
your question, brltty has a positive effect on orca :-).

> Can I use Orca in terminals under X?

You can use Orca with gnome-terminal.

> Does Orca have the same cut/copy/paste-functions as Speakup?

No, Orca has no cut/copy/paste functionality by itself, you
use what GNOME and/or X11 provide to you.

> Can Orca be used in combination with BRLTTY/Speakup, or do I need to
> run it as a stand-alone screen reader?

Orca communicates with BRLTTY, so yes they interoperate.
If you switch to a text console, BRLTTY will automatically
take over and do the screen review for you.  If you switch
back to the X erver where GNOME is running, Orca will
automatically take over the braille display.

I am not sure regarding speakup, I guess if you are using software speech
via speech-dispatcher it should be possible to use speakup and orca concurrently,
but I am really just guessing here.  The speakup-list or the orca-list
are probably better places for this question.

P.S.: Nearly all of your questions would have been better
posted to the orca-list instead, since they were all mostly
Orca specific, not really Debian specific...

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