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New gnome-speech (0.4.11) on its way


Just wanted to let you know that a new gnome-speech package (now hosted
in the pkg-gnome team repository) is on its way into debian experimental.

When the NEW package gets accepted I think we'll pretty quickly transition
to unstable.

This version features support for espeak, which I am already
using right now in combination with orca from unstable.

The espeak backend for gnome-speech feels very snappy and
responsible.  espeak also offers various foreign languages.

There seems to be a strange bug that causes orca
to start the wrong speech backend whenever it initializes,
after a reload it starts the other as well (the one that was configured).
I haven't had time to look into that yet.  Might be a funny ordering
problem since test-speech lists espeak as the second alternative while
orca configuration offers espeak as the first alternative.

Support for speech-dispatcher is not enable yet in the
version of gnome-speech currently awaiting approval.  Is there any input from
the speech dispatcher crew regardings the stability and usefulness of that
third backend for gnome-speech?

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