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Using ATK to solve accessibility problems where they come from (in apps directly)


Does anyone have experience with using ATK to enhance the accessibility
information a GTK2 app is providing?  Since I've begun to play with orca
I've found relatively many programs which do sort of
work, but are missing some details.  In many cases, I have a feeling
the required changes to the application would not be that
complicated.  In particular (yeah, not very productive,
but you have to start learning somwhere) I noticed that gnome-blackjack
and eboard are two candidates for games which are
already mostly working, just missing accessibility info
for the cards and board.

So, how complicated is it actually to retrofit custom widgets
with accessibility info?  Is there some HOWTO document
for ATK usage that is aimed at the "scratch your itch" AT user?

If not, its probably worth considering to collect examples we might
happen to find in the future so that a sort of a DIY tutorial
for accessibility fixes could be created.

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