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Re: espeak is not going to ship with etch

Not nice. It is the old debian-problem with all the pro and contra. At the 
viewingpoint of accessibilty it is bad, shure. On the other hand, there are 
enough other distributions which are more up to date. And more unstable. 
Also, the accessibility packages had a lot of time to get ready for the 
upcomming stable release etch. We did not managed it. Now, there are once 
more a few years to put them in the following stable release.

On Monday 05 February 2007 19:06, juan rafael fernández wrote:
> 2007/2/5, Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org>:
> > This issue is not under my control, so if you
> > feel like ranting, please don't attack me, thank the release team
> > for this.
> Well, here I go ranting.
> Too bad. Remember the thread about Debian not being accessible enough?
> A stable version without Orca, espeak, the new gnome-speech... is a
> version born outdated, And derivative distributions will have to
> backport the necessary packages by themselves, without the control of
> the Debian community. No good.

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