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Re: debian-installer not alterable at USB Braille display

Hi Samuel,

>> However, BRLTTY was started with the American text table. When I
>> chose Germany for language and keyboard layout, the hardware
>> detection was started.
> What do you mean by this?

When I used an image created by you, I was asked to change the text
table after choosing the language and the keyboard layout. Only after
this the hardware detection was started. At the official image, this
step was omitted and I was wondering about this.

> It was considered too complicated, compared to just enabling the
> preference menu

Which preference menu do you mean? Are talking about that of BRLTTY that
you can open with a keystroke combination on the Braille display to, for
example, set the cursor layout? Or are you talking about the debian
installer menu? To be honest, I don't quite understand.


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