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Re: Etch rc1: BRLTTY is not installed

Hi Samuel,

I performed the installation exclusively under VMware, which worked out
without problems already with an image version of October.  During the
installation, I was able to read everything on the Braille display.
After all, I started BRLTTY at the boot prompt of the CD.

The image of 11-21 did not work right either. This time, I selected
English as the installation language to be able to deliver the
appropriate syslog messages. The syslog file says as follows:

Nov 21 20:17:39 finish-install: info: Running

Nov 21 20:17:46 finish-install: info: Running

Nov 21 20:17:46 finish-install: info: Running

Nov 21 20:17:50 apt-install: Reading package lists...

Nov 21 20:17:50 apt-install:

Nov 21 20:17:50 apt-install: Building dependency tree...

Nov 21 20:17:51 apt-install:

Nov 21 20:17:51 apt-install: Suggested packages:

Nov 21 20:17:51 apt-install: libbrlapi1-dev festival brltty-flite

Nov 21 20:17:51 apt-install: The following NEW packages will be

Nov 21 20:17:51 apt-install: brltty

Under www.linux-fuer-blinde.de/pub/debian/, you will find the tested
images. The image of October works. With the November images, the
described problem appears. If necessary, I can send you the file
50brltty from the order finish-install.d as well.


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