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I have been using Linux for some years now, but only on servers.
I have low vision so I need to use a magnifier to be able to use my computer. I use Linux server at home and at work but I have to access them using ssh and putty on Windows because I have a very good screen magnifier software for Windows.

I have read about Gnopernicus and it will hopefully give me the opportunity to move to Linux as a Desktop OS :)
But I have some questions though:

- How does the magnifier work? Do I get a magnified window or does the magnified window move with the mouse and keyboard? What I mean is it a fixed magnified window or does the magnified windows move with the focus of the mouse and keyboard?

- Do I need two monitors and two video cards to be able to use fullscreen magnifier?

- I have read that Gnopernicus also offer a lot of key mappings which is good because I love the keyboard :) I could find a key mapping to increase and decrease the level of magnification. For instance on the magnifer I now use 12x magnifing but I can adjust that easily with some keyboard shortcuts.

- I also use high contrast (white on black), also called invert colors.
I found a mapping on layer 6 called invert on/off.
Does this key mapping switch between regular GNOME colors and high contrast (white on black)?


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