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Re: a blindunfriendly Sarge installer problem

Cc'ing again the list

> The thing to do is just like unde Mandriva, (or Knoppix): being able to 
> pass params to the kernel of the installer so that you have braille 
> support while installing,
> + the useful+permanent toolbar who tells were the cursor is near.
> In general braille is the prime interface for us since it is more 
> universal than speech.

Well then you got the answer in the thread:

-immediately mounting a floppy is the consequence of the kernel
 modularization which, for obvious reasons, is not likely to be

-the only work that happened was the work on speech interface. This is
 probably infortunate for the reasons you explained

So, getting support for brltty devices seems to be the way to
go. Fine. Now we need someone to work on it. Especially now, the
manpower on D-I is relatively low, so current contributors are not
very likely to have time....and knowledge...to work on this.

We certainly need more implication by people directly concerned by
accessibility specific problems.

The only certain thing is that there is no deliberate choice to let
accessibility-friendly methods aside.

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