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Re: how to build installation diskettes with BRLTTY 3.6

Chris Gray <christopher_gray@symantec.com> writes:

> One source with a method for doing this is at
> http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/LNX/Making+a+Custom+Boot+CD+for+Debian
> Also on that page, he mentions some shell scripts that automate much
> of the process.  Even though this page is for Dell Linux users, the
> information on it and links will probably be helpful.
> Chris
Thx Chris. It seems a little complicated.
One thing I forgot to say in my previous post is that I want to build
such diskette using the new debian-installer so it's diskettes to
install sarge or sid. I want to build the same diskettes as the ones
Mario built and which are on the Debian mirrors on the access directory. 
on the webpage you indicate the url it seems the explanations are for
building diskettes for stable because they told about rescue.bin for

Thx and tell me if you think the explanations are for the new d-i. 


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