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Re: how to build installation diskettes with BRLTTY 3.6

One source with a method for doing this is at


Also on that page, he mentions some shell scripts that automate much of the process. Even though this page is for Dell Linux users, the information on it and links will probably be helpful.


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Subject: how to build installation diskettes with BRLTTY 3.6
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In fact, all my question is in the subject. I must install a new Debian
system on my laptop but I have a braille display which can only work
with BRLTTY 3.6 (the Papenmeier BRAILLEX EL40S)
does it exist somewhere on the web a documentation explaning step by
step how to construct such diskettes ?
I tried to understand how it is built by decompressing the initrd.gz
file located on the root diskette but I saw that BRlTTY 3.4 was
dynamically linked so I don't know how to proceed exactly.
If someone has ever done that please help me.

Thx in advance,

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