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Re: New Gnopernicus in experimental

>>>>> "ML" == Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:

    ML> I just uploaded gnopernicus 0.9.19 to "experimental".  If you
    ML> are adventerous and have some free time, please give it a whirl
    ML> and let us know about your results, especially differences to
    ML> the current version 0.8.4 in unstable.  Is anything broken that
    ML> worked before?  Does something work now which never worked
    ML> before?

The version from testing/unstable doesn't speak at all on my computer,
while the new version from experimental seems to work well.

The only problem I've encountered was that it started with a very slow
speech rate.  It repaired itself after I tried to select one of the
(unavailable) FreeTTS voices in the speech preferences dialog, it
started to speak at normal rate.  After the next Gnopernicus start, the
speech rate has already been normal.


Milan Zamazal


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