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RE: Emacspeak and gnopernicus

Yes.  I have found that the gnopernicus in fedora core 3 and SUES 9.2 is more recent than the one in debian unstable.

For debian, Maybe this calls for a consolidation of all of the packages in linux that provide accessibility, (I have seen some such lists), and a discussion on what version needs to be in use for optimum performance and accessibility to applications (I have not seen discussions on this).    Then some work to go into bringing the packages up to speed on this.

I do understand that package maintainers may be busy and may not be able to update packages quickly, and in the case of debian, the large number of packages to maintain would be quite challenging.  Nevertheless, I think if we are to take accessibility seriously in linux (especially for newcommers to linux), we really need to address the notion of package versions being up-to-date and compatible when it comes to software for accessibility such as emacspeak, gnopernicus, speakip in recent kernels, etc. as well as ensuring that recent installers all have accessible interfaces even from the CD ISOs, and that this is updated as often as the other ISO images.

The idea of having a "task" for accessible software in the aptitude environment, or at least a categorisation of such, would be useful.


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On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 10:24:15AM +1100, Mirabella, Mathew J wrote:
> Hi all.
> Why is emacspeak as a deb package only available in the unstable tree,
> and why is it only at version 17 in a deb package?  The version is now
> up to 21, and it seems to be quite stable at 21 as emacspeak goes.  By
> the way, I do like the emacspeakconfig scripts, so I hope these stay in.
> I found that to use emacspeak 21 with these scripts, it was best to
> install the deb package of 17 and then upgrade to 21 via the tar.gz
> available.
> Also has anyone had experience with really using gnopernicus for
> applications and work?  I installed this with gnome and it seemed to
> work, but very little of the controls on the screen were actually read
> out.  The icons on the desktop were not read... in fact, the only thing
> that was read was the gnopernicus window itself.  Perhaps I am missing
> something here ... how recent is the gnopernicus on the sid tree?
> Mat.
I was able to read the gnopernicus window only also. I've heard from other people that they were able to get much more information, Mozilla Openoffie and so on.
I think that the version of Gnopernicus in Debian is also an old one. Maybe we need a new version to have more success!


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