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Accessibility Forum at Linuxtag 2005

Hi everybody,

In June 22th to 25th the Linuxtag 2005 taking place in Karslruhe.
The Linuxtag is an international trade show and Europes largest Linux event.
There will be an accessibility forum organized by the linaccess project 
(www.linaccess.org) including talks, workshops and and booths from other 
projects and organisations.

If you interested in doing a presentation, feel free to contact
The topic can be related to users and developers.
The papers must be submitted until January,15th
at the Linuxtag Conference Center. 
URL: www.linuxtag.de/vcc

If you would like to make a workshop or a booth, please
contact Nils Magnus for further informations (magnus@linuxtag.org)

For any questions and suggestions feel free to email me.

Kind regards,
Lars Stetten

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