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Question about how the access floppies work as opposed to normal install.

Title: Question about how the access floppies work as opposed to normal install.

Hi all.

When you use the floppies to boot for the first time, providing a speakup_synth boot parameter gets speakup going.  Once the installation proceeds to the step where the system is being rebooted for the first time into the newly installed kernel, the system reboots and speakup starts again without needing to have a special boot parameter.  Presumably this is because the speakup parameter was included in the grub config by the installation system  How is this actually achieved?

The reason why I am asking is because I am intending to build an installation boot CD with kernel 2.6.9 and the latest cvs of speakup included, but I want the installation to proceed as does the floppy one, that is, allowing people to select their synth and have it work on reboot.

At the moment, I have build a .deb package of kernel 2.6.9 patched with speakup and based on the same config as the knopix cd (so that it includes a lot of drivers etc.).  In this kernel, speakup is built in (i.e. not as modules).  I specified the dectlk to be the default synth in menuconfig.  After installing the deb package and booting to that kernel, speakup talks fine with the dectalk (as expected). 

Now, if I were to replace the kernel on the sarge installation cd number 1 (or the netinst cd), with the kernel I just build (i.e. initrd.gz and vmlinuz), I expect the cd to boot ok with speakup.  This cd is one that I expect to be able to give to others who might have different synths, so they will need to put a boot parameter in on first boot.  But, if I put my new deb package for the speakup 2.6.9 kernel into the pool dir on the cd so that it can be the kernel that gets installed, how can I make sure that it is configured to the right synth for the person installing debian.  i.e. my .deb package has a default synth of dectlk (which might not be right for others.  They will specify a boot parameter on first boot, but how can I ensure that this gets carried over to the kernel config that gets installed.

I guess the question is … in menuconfig, when you specify a default synth, is that only used to set grub parameters when the package is installed, or is it something more intrinsic to speakup (i.e.  uses that synth if no speakup_synth is provided on boot)?  Is there a way for speakup to auto detect the synth that is there without a boot parameter required?

Thanks for any help.



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