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Re: installing from CD with speakup

Hi Kenny.
What I did was hack the first cd of the then weekly sarge cds (I believe it was the week of september 20) and put brltty in the initrds; not the official way to do it but it worked for me. The only cd install with speakup I know of is a netinst cd from back in february at
It''s old but I understand it has worked for some people.

I'd really like to see us be able to install using brltty or speakup from cdrom as I've now changed my desktop to cdrom boot and can't switch back to floppy boot without sighted assistance. I have the debian installer from subversion but can't really proceed until I get some questions answered re: the brltty.txt that's already present there. My emphasis is working on brltty but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try to work on speakup. but since I'm a newbie to doing this kind of thing somebody more experienced may well get it done before I figure it out.
I am glad that the floppies do seem to be working consistently now.


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