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access floppies

Hi.  Looks like the state of the access floppies found at


changes daily.  On Oct 04, the 3c59x driver existed on the install
disks.  The kernel image problem mentioned in bug 275075 also existed.
On Oct 05, the 3c59x driver was missing from the install disks and bug
275075 still existed.  On Oct 06 (today) the disk won't boot on my
system.  I type "linux speakup_synth=dectlk" and the disk starts to
load.  After some disk access, the system reboots.  I would like to see
these disks work instead of having to build custom disks.  Should I
start doing daily testing and filing bug reports?  At this point, I
would need to file a new report for today's build, reopen 275075 based
on the fact it wasn't fixed in yesterday's build, and file a new report
on the missing nic drivers.  Is that the corect thing to do?


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