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A little bit confused about brltty.txt in svn debian installer

The brltty.txt in the installer/docs directory of the subversion checkout of the debian-installer says:
'Currently, the cdrom (2.88MB) i386 includes brltty by default.

Mario, since you wrote this, to what are you referring? Are you referring to the boot.img under the cdrom section or to something else? Has this been included for some time? If so, is this actually included in any of the bootable cds of the sarge distribution? I'm asking because invoking brltty with the format you indicate using the first cd from the September 20 sarge set does not start brltty. So either this is more recent, or I'm trying to use the wrong cd, or I am misunderstanding something here. Please explain. If I spent all that time hacking a cd so I could install sarge using brltty and it was already available, I'd like to know what I missed.


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