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Re: Access floppy and braille or speech

Koichi INOUE <inoue@argv.org> writes:

>   I recently installed Debian Sarge with Access floppy in its
>   distribution tree.  I used Alva braille terminal 380 with the boot
>   command
> linux brltty=al,,us
> and it succeeded but a question is left on me.
>   The access floppy ran fine with my braille display and installed the
>   base system to HDD, but without any support after reboot.

This is definitely a bug and should not happen.  The brltty-udeb
should actually install brltty into the target system
just before you reboot the system the first time.

I'll have to investigate.


>   But I think the method above is not clean. I don't think it is a
> recommended process but I can't find any documentation about the right one.
Well, you're absolutely right here, and you didn't find any documentation
because it is supposed to happen autmagically.


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