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Access floppy and braille or speech

Hi everyone,

  I recently installed Debian Sarge with Access floppy in its
  distribution tree.  I used Alva braille terminal 380 with the boot
linux brltty=al,,us
and it succeeded but a question is left on me.

  The access floppy ran fine with my braille display and installed the
  base system to HDD, but without any support after reboot.
At last I figured out the solution: when the last reboot prompt appeared, I
  went to the second terminal with ALT+F2,
mounted a floppy with brltty binary with
mount /dev/floppy/0 /mnt
and copied brltty to the target partition on /target.
The binary is from BRLSTATX site and statically linked with Alva
  When the new system came up, after the HDD became quiet, I went to
the second console and logged in as root (with no password). Then
It enabled braille again and I passed base-config successfully.
After that I removed brltty and re-installed it with apt-get.

  But I think the method above is not clean. I don't think it is a
recommended process but I can't find any documentation about the right one.
Is there any cleaner method to install and base-config the system with
braille or speech?
Or is it the only method as the Access floppy is not considered
completed yet?

Best regards.

                    Koichi Inoue, ARGV
                    E-Mail: inoue@argv.org
		    Powered by BEP on Linux: http://www.argv.org/bep/

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