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Re: speakup Debian installer; also booting from cdrom and adding brltty

last night I made a bootable cd from the accessible boot.img at http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/floppy/access since my desktop computer's bios can be made to boot either from cdrom or floppy but I can't change them back and forth by myself. I then put the root floppy in when it was requested. by doing this I found that both brltty and speakup do start up ok. However, I ran into a problem; when I went to download installer components the kernel modules couldn't be found and the suggested reason was that my kernel didn't match the ones on the mirror. do I have to use a particular mirror to get modules for the 2.4.27 speakup-enabled kernel? Or is it possible I did something to cause a problem when I made the bootable cd; I used the el Torrito method. I'd like to be able to put both root.img and boot.img both on the cd but my attempts to change where the root files are looked for haven't worked yet and I'm still reading up on isolinux. At any rate, using the floppy with root.img appears to work for the time being.

I also have a second question. with woody, I am able to boot from the cdrom and then use
tar xzf /dev/fd0
to copy brltty from a floppy disk image into the running root system. then I can type
and am able to continue with the install in text mode.
However, I can't do this with any of the sarge cds. I get "no such file or directory" when I try to do the tar command using /dev/fd0. However, the floppy is definitely being used for the root image and for loading drivers. I do realize that the new installer is completely different from the old one used with woody, but is there a way of accessing the floppy deliberately from the shell? I don't particularly want to mount the floppy but I need to be able to untar the image that's on the floppy I have in what should be /dev/fd0. If I could use the floppy from the shell to add brltty I could install booting from debian cds without having to use any special access floppies or cds unless I also wanted speakup--that is, if dbootstrap can still be used.


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