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Re: debian sarge install with speakup or brltty

Hi.  I remember seeing the info on this list a few months back.  I
thought I saved it, but can't seem to find it.
I tried to do a speech install with the ISO for Debianinstaller beta 4,
but there wasn't a kernel with speakup on the disk.  I can't write
floppies any more, so CDs are my only option.  I believe the only
accessible debianinstaller images are floppy.
For now, I've ended up installing Gentoo on my new box.  It was a pain
compared to Debian, but it talked at boot up.  I miss the way Debian
does things, so after I do more experimenting with Gentoo, I will likely
convert it to Debian.  If I can find a way to boot it with an accessible
debianinstaller, I'll be glad to test.  If not, I already have
debootstrap downloaded.

Hope this helps.
On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 11:43:28AM -0500, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> I just  re-installed on my laptop with fedora. I am a long-term debian
> user, would rather have installed with debian, and would like to
> re-install with debian still. However, I am having trouble
> finding the information on doing a sarge install with braille and/or
> speech (brltty and/or speakup). I do see the boot.img and root.img in the
> installer directory's floppy section under "access" but I don't see any
> information about using this, though I've tried to look at the howto and
> manual. and I don't understand whether I can now accomplish a braille or
> speech install with the cdroms or if I still have to use floppies. I'm
> sorry if this information is all someplace obvious that I've overlooked,
> but while I've had no trouble finding information on a braillified fedora
> install and speakup fedora install, I'm just not finding the information
> on
> these options for debian sarge. I do realize that sarge isn't officially
> released yet, but I'd still like to try the current beta of the installer
> if i can figure out how to do that. could somebody please either explain
> this or point me to the explanations i have apparently missed?
> Also, could it consider putting either any special files or instructions
> or links to them also up on the speakup and brltty sites, as has been done
> with fedora. The
> only thing I see for debian on either site is floppy files for a woody
> install. I don't know if it's not desired to put out information re: sarge
> outside the debian site until it's released or if I'm somehow looking in
> the wrong places.
> Thanks.
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> Cheryl
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