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debian sarge install with speakup or brltty

I just  re-installed on my laptop with fedora. I am a long-term debian
user, would rather have installed with debian, and would like to
re-install with debian still. However, I am having trouble
finding the information on doing a sarge install with braille and/or
speech (brltty and/or speakup). I do see the boot.img and root.img in the
installer directory's floppy section under "access" but I don't see any
information about using this, though I've tried to look at the howto and
manual. and I don't understand whether I can now accomplish a braille or
speech install with the cdroms or if I still have to use floppies. I'm
sorry if this information is all someplace obvious that I've overlooked,
but while I've had no trouble finding information on a braillified fedora
install and speakup fedora install, I'm just not finding the information
these options for debian sarge. I do realize that sarge isn't officially
released yet, but I'd still like to try the current beta of the installer
if i can figure out how to do that. could somebody please either explain
this or point me to the explanations i have apparently missed?
Also, could it consider putting either any special files or instructions
or links to them also up on the speakup and brltty sites, as has been done
with fedora. The
only thing I see for debian on either site is floppy files for a woody
install. I don't know if it's not desired to put out information re: sarge
outside the debian site until it's released or if I'm somehow looking in
the wrong places.


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