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Re: gnome-speech with DECTalk

Mario Fux <foxman@lugo.ch> writes:

> Some time ago you explained me what I have to do to work with an 
> DECTalk-enabled:
> 1. apt-get source gnome-speech
>    This fetches the source package of gnome-speech, and unpacks it in the
>    current directory.  You'll find a directory like gnome-speech-0.2.7/
> 2. edit debian/changelog inside of that directory, and add a new version
>    entry, something like 1:0.2.7-1.00.dectalk.  This ensures that the package
>    you're about to build is considered newer than the currently installed
>    version of gnome-speech by dpkg/apt, and also ensures that whenever
>    a new version of gnome-speech enteres the repository you configured
>    in /etc/apt/sources.list it will also be considered newer than your local
>    modification.  However, this also means that whenever there is a new 
>    package version in the archives, and you run apt-get update&&apt-get
>    upgrade, you'll have to repeat this procedure.
> 3. Make sure DECtalk software is installed (including header files, note that
>    they once shipped a version without any header files at all, so make sure
>    to check this before you proceed.)
> 4. apt-get build-dep gnome-speech
> 5. dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
> Number 1 is no problem. Number 2 sent an error message which I bypass by not 
> modifying the file debian/changelog.

A very simple way to do this is to use dch:
$ dch -v 1:0.2.7-1+dectalk "Build with DECtalk."

> Number 3: DECTalk is installed:
> " Please enter your serial number:
> ****************************
> Installing libraries
> Installing dictionnaries
> Installing sample program
> Installing include files
> setting up DECTalk.conf"
> It works and there are some header files (dtmmedefs.h, l_all_ph.h, l_com_ph.h, 
> l_gr_ph.h, l_la_ph.h, l_sp_ph.h, l_uk_ph.h, l_us_ph.h and ttsapi.h). Are 
> these the right one for the gnome-speech recompilation?

Looks like it.

> After the recompilation of gnome-speech (number 4 and 5) there was only a 
> festival-synthesizer file in debian/usr/bin and no additional 
> dectalk-something file even though I saw something about
> festival   yes
> dectalk    yes
> at the recompilation.
> Can you help me? Do you see any mistake I made or some files I miss'

I do only see mistakes which I made :-/

This doesn't really work out of the box yet, you'd need to additionally
edit debian/libgnome-speech2.install.  There is a line like


Maybe changing it to


is all you need.

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